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Young Persons Anger Support Programme

This one day experiential course has been designed to help those who work in schools, care homes, social services and care settings and any organisation that may have to deal with anger and other strong emotions in young people.

It can help to offer support to young adults to bring calm, for those who experience highs and lows of strong and sometimes negative emotions, in particular anger. It will help to gain an understanding of anger as a process, and the things that sit beneath that anger, like low self-esteem, lack of assertiveness and very poor core beliefs, so that the interventions made, can achieve positive outcomes. 

The key elements of the one day programme are as follows:

Aims of the programme: To help participants to:

  • Develop a greater understanding of their own anger
  • Learn new ways to be able to help and support young people who are angry
  • Communicate in an empathic way with young people
  • Learn to promote their own personal safety when working with angry people

 Goals: By the end of the course the participants will:

  • Be able to recognise the essential causes of anger
  • Have developed an understanding how lack of primary needs acts as a trigger for anger
  • Have developed a greater awareness of how their actions can impact on outcomes
  • Have an understanding of how effective communication is the key to de-escalating anger

The learning components: Looking at how we do anger

  • Imploding and exploding: Respecting and working with the differences
  • Progressive anger and the impact it can have
  • Empathy: How this can be the biggest tool we have when working with anger
  • Establishing primary needs and the role these needs play in outcomes
  • Types of anger, learned behaviour, which helps us to become angry
  • The clearing process, as an effective way of saying “I feel angry”
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