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Personal Safety Training

Personal Safety is the freedom from risk, danger or harm caused by the behaviour of others.  Personal Safety Training Courses help delegates to anticipate risks to their personal safety and hence plan to avoid, reduce or manage those risks and is imperative for any organisation wishing to reduce workplace violence. Our courses and talks are valuable for all staff who may from time to time work with members of the public e.g. interviewing, home visits, travel, outreach work, lone working.. All our courses will be tailored to suit your requirements and budgets. 

Personal Safety Training Courses

Aims: To increase awareness of the risks to personal safety whilst working, to ensure compliance with personal safety policy and procedures and to develop practical strategies for avoiding, reducing or managing the risk of violence at work. Please note the half day course does not include any input in dealing with aggression or breakaway techniques.

Who should attend: This in-house course is designed for any staff who may face risks to their personal safety from clients, service users or members of the public. Maximum number of delegates is 20.

Duration: Half day or one day. Please note that the half day courses do not include any input on managing aggressive behaviour.

What the training covers:

  • Personal Safety & The Law
  • How to conduct a SAFE assessment 
  • Keeping yourself safe when out and about
  • Working in other people’s homes
  • 1:1 meetings
  • Cash moving & handling
  • Defusing aggressive behaviour
  • Safe escape and emergency response strategies


  •  Reduced risk of litigation
  •  Improved safety of staff
  •  Increased confidence of staff in dealing with aggression and violence

This course can include breakaway techniques or de-escalation if required.

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