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Lone Worker Training

This course is for people who work on their own either in the workplace or out in the community.

We have simplified the way in which lone workers can be trained effectively. Having developed a range of courses which are modular in design, allowing us to cover any environment where people work alone. 

Course content:

  • Understanding of company procedures and the legal implications of working alone
  • What to do before setting out on external visits
  • Safe driving and dealing with incidents of road rage
  • Simple procedures that help promote personal safety
  • Practical things we can do, should an incident occur
  • Things we should do following an incident
  • De-escalation and defusion techniques
  • Reporting and recording
  • Setting up staff support systems
  • Breakaway techniques (optional) which help build confidence
  • The use and effectiveness of personal alarms

In order for us to run an effective training course for your organisation, we would require a brief, outlining what type of work you do, what you consider to be the main risks to your workers, and the types of client you work with. We are happy to look at your lone working policy and your training needs analysis to build a course specifically to suit you.

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