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Drug and Alcohol Workplace Awareness Training

Many organisations now have a drug and alcohol policy as part of their terms and conditions of employment.  We believe that in order for the policy to achieve its aims, managers & staff should be aware of the issues surrounding drugs and alcohol in the workplace, and how it may affect them and their colleagues and the repercussion of their actions on issues such as health and safety and litigation.  The purpose of these drug and alcohol awareness training courses is to provide all employees with knowledge of the effects and costs of workplace drugs and alcohol misuse both in the workplace and beyond.

Drug and alcohol awareness training for managers

These half day intensive courses are designed to give managers and supervisors knowledge of the signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug use and how employees are likely to be impaired at work while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

  • The main drugs of choice and UK drug trends
  • Drug impairment and how drugs will affect performance in different ways
  • The use of legal highs                                                                         
  • The signs, symptoms and recognition of drug and alcohol use
  • The four main drug groups
  • The facts about alcohol
  • How to calculate alcohol decay rates
  • Units of alcohol and recognising alcohol testing limits
  • The legal status and classification of drugs
  • Drugs and alcohol use from a health and safety perspective
  • Legal highs – the latest addition to the UK drug scene


We are happy to develop a course to go hand in hand with your drug and alcohol policy to ensure that the training is fit for purpose and meets your training needs analysis.

Drug and alcohol awareness training for employees

We also offer a shorter more condensed form of training for employees. These short workshops are designed to give employees knowledge about the effects of alcohol and drugs on performance at work and how particular drugs will affect performance.  These sessions will also refer to the company’s drug and alcohol policy and how it affects them.

The Learning Components:

 Modern drug trends and up to date information on currents drugs

  • The position of drugs and alcohol in workplace accident statistics
  • The main drugs of choice and how they can impair a person’s ability to perform everyday tasks
  • Alcohol questionnaire (what do you really know about alcohol)
  • Decay rate exercise
  • Explanation of company policy and drug/alcohol testing procedures
  • The legal status, (The misuse of drugs act 1971) The legal standpoint of drug use in the UK
  • Drug and alcohol use from a health and safety perspective
  • Explanation of the companies drug testing procedures (if applicable)

These training courses are certificated through Develop From Within and are valid for one year.

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