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De-escalation and Conflict Resolution Training

Our de-escalation training course is designed to help delegates to understand anger and other strong emotions and the causes of aggression and other negative behaviours. It helps delegates to understand the skills they need to learn to become good at de-escalation and the things they should not do or say when other people are angry, emotional or upset.

The emphasis of the course is how, once we understand the process and causes of anger, we are able to deal with it and diffuse it more easily.

The course typically covers:

Aims – To help participants:

  • Acquire a good understanding of how hostile situations arise and develop
  • Learn the techniques and skills to handle conflict and potential conflict more effectively
  • Learn the process of anger and how to deal with it effectively
  • To help participants to recognise patterns of behaviour and to help to encourage positive change

Goals – By the end of the course the delegates will:

  • Have developed new perspectives around their personal triggers and needs
  • Have developed an understanding of conflict as a cognitive behavioural process

The Learning Components:

  • Imploders and exploders
  • Progressive anger versus rage
  • Promotion of personal safety and assessing risk
  • Transactional Analysis and your usual position in conflict  situations
  • Anger types and styles
  • Creating empathy as a powerful tool to help calm situations
  • Working with young people and the challenges they bring
  • Clearing anger as a process to encourage healthy anger and assertiveness
  • Primary needs and how they can help us to establish “what’s gone wrong”
  • The skills we need to learn to be good at de-escalation
  • The things we should not do or say when someone else is angry, emotional or upset


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