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De-escalation and Breakaway Training Combined

The de-escalation and breakaway training course combines the most important elements of working with threatening behaviour and physical aggression. It helps delegates to learn the processes that happen when people get very angry and emotional, and gives them the tools to be able to de-escalate and diffuse a situation. However we recognise that sometimes people decide on a course of aggression regardless of our attempts to de-escalate. So this course also includes breakaway methods to help to deal with assaults should they happen.


De-escalation skills

  • Imploders and exploders
  • Anger types and styles
  • Creating empathy as a powerful tool to help calm situations
  • Working with young people and the challenges they bring (if applicable to your client group)
  • Primary needs and how they can help us to establish “what’s gone wrong”
  • The things we should not do or say when other people are angry, emotional or upset
  • The skills we need to learn to be able to de-escalate other people’s negative behaviours

Breakaway Skills

  • Defence from a variety of wrist and body grabs, holds, punches and kicks
  • Quick and safe escapes from strangles, chokes and hugs
  • Self-risk assessment: evaluating  the situation and environment
  • The use of passive holds and the law surrounding these holds
  • The dangers & risks associated with positional asphyxia, and excited delirium
  • The law: what we can and cannot do: The Criminal Law Act
  • The use of reasonable force

All of our physical intervention courses are certificated through Develop From Within. This certification is valid for one year from the date of course completion.

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